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About Us

We provide you Sustainable Future of energy

Over 10 years of R&D innovation in the area of electrolysis, ACT Hydrogen’s custom proprietary process produces more gases, more quickly and more safely, and more inexpensively than anyone else in the field.

Resulting in a tailored fuel that is designed to allow businesses to significantly reduce carbon emissions while remaining cost competitive and potentially realizing other benefits such as monetizing the avoidance of carbon emissions.

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ACT was organized in June of 2008.

Advanced Combustion Technologies, Inc. has R&D Facilities located in California, and Corporate Headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The facilities were identified and built out  for engineering, prototyping and technology and commercialization design for our burgeoning new line of products.



Advanced Combustion Technologies, Inc. was founded by Chas Radovich and Gary Betheurem.



Chas and the Inventor of the Company's proprietary technology, Robert Plaisted work together to make breakthroughs in Energy, and Hydrogen Production.



ACT Hydrogen re-organizes, and enters into commercial production of ACT Hydrogen Cells.

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ACT will play a large role in facilitating a shift to a sustainable, “Green Hydrogen Production as Fuel” Economy.

Our revolutionary technology provides cost effective green hydrogen production that will solve many vexing issues relating to carbon sequestration that face many large scale industries.

ACT’s patented process is a vital resource for Industries such as Transportation, Manufacturing, Mining, Healthcare, Public Infrastructure Works, and more.

The ACT Green Hydrogen Production Systems are slated to launch in 2022.

Our Mission

Our mission is to explore and develop alternative energy for the World. ACT’s  goal is to develop technology that will significantly reduce the greenhouse gas or carbon footprint; and thus decrease our dependency on foreign fuels and reducing global warming. therefore, making all available current fossil fuels more efficient in every combustion engine. Out company’s most valuable resource is our body of knowledge, and our commitment and dedication to develop the best benchmark technology in the oxy-hydrogenation hybrid fuel industry.

In order to achieve this, we have assembled a top notch Research and Development (R&D) team of professionals from all areas of industry.

This includes the following: tuning, electrical discharge, product development, fabrication and chemical engineering industries, as well as a management and legal professionals to fulfill the company’s long and short term objectives and goals.

After years of research, we have committed our team to the hybrid design and use of oxy-hydrogen. This energy is produced through the electrolysis of water. In researching the best existing electrolysis units, we have discovered many technical improvements that can be applied to the electrolysis process and hardware, which we will be incorporating into our new designs. We are also applying technical know how that will enhance the oxy-hydrogen delivery (optimization) and catalyzing combustion effect on any fossil fuels.

The next area of development is fuel management, otherwise known as Electronic Control Unit (ECU) management and the direct injection process, which are currently being tested.

ACT, Inc. has granted patents on all of our current advancements in technology, and will continue our R&D work in progress so as to evolve the development of the technology through out team’s commitment and passion to be the best in our industry.

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The Hydrogen Economy is Here

The World's demand for power is ever increasing. Fossil fuels, Nuclear ,Wind Solar Hydro-electric, all of them combined is not enough. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the Universe. It is also a source of ENERGY. The Hydrogen Economy brings the world the power that it requires by harnessing the power in WATER.

Why Choose Us

Fastest, Safest, Cheapest, and WITHOUT Transport!

ACT Hydrogen's Patented Technology is outstanding in it's field by being a solution that delivers hydrogen on-site, extremely fast, safely, and inexpensively.

Efficient, low-cost integration with existing infrastructures in a Joint Venture Partnership.

ACT Hydrogen Power Systems are managed by ACT. Our Partners enjoy the ease of enormous power cost savings, while focusing on their Core Business.

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